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If you follow along in my Instagram stories, you probably saw snippets of our family’s recent trip to Scotland. We traveled for 18 days with our one year old, and had an absolute blast. I’ve had lots of people reach out and ask what we did and what we packed for her, so this is where you’ll find ALL of that!

Kids, Lifestyle, Travel

June 30, 2023

Traveling to Scotland with a One Year Old: How We Did It and What We Brought

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I’ve had “Carriage House Plans” in my blog drafts for over a year. But you know what I was doing a year ago? Being nine months pregnant. And then having a baby (seriously–she turned 1 this past month and I have a lot of feelings about it) and postpartum life, anxiety, depression, the works. Finishing […]

Carriage House, Our House

May 4, 2023

The Carriage House – Pt 1

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Well folks, it’s been two years since I last blogged about the Bonnie House project. Here’s what happened: It’s been a long process, and to be honest, our Ruby project house took up the majority of everyone’s time and energy because it was so much bigger (more on that coming soon). But today, I’m thrilled […]

Renovations, The Bonnie Project

March 23, 2023

Bonnie – After

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Do you remember what our back yard looked like when we bought our house? Let me remind you… Bamboo for days. So much bamboo, in fact, that we didn’t know it was covering a concrete pad. We’ve owned our home for four years, and have slowly made temporary updates to the back yard to make […]

Back Yard, Our House

March 15, 2023

Back Yard Plans

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In case you hadn’t gathered this by the long gap in blog posts here and the last post being nursery plans, we had a baby! Our sweet daughter was born in April with a head full of dark hair like her daddy (but with my curls, and BOTH of our cowlicks, poor thing) and big […]

Nursery, Our House

March 1, 2023

The Nursery

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When I opened up my blog to start writing a post about a project today, I realized it had been nearly a year since my last post. Whoops. Let’s catch up a little bit.


February 22, 2023

Let’s Catch Up

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Our sweet baby girl will be here in about three months, so we’re getting our house all ready for her! I know she won’t care or probably even remember her first room, and she won’t even sleep there for the first 4-6 months anyway, so this is really more to help me feel ready for […]

Nursery, Our House

February 3, 2022

Nursery Plans

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I know some people don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, some love them, some have a “word of the year”, and some have a list of goals to meet. I’m not one for resolving to drastically change my life for a new year, but I am a big planner and goal setter. I feel like a new year is a good time to reset, plan, and think about what I want my next year to look like personally and professionally.

Our House

January 18, 2022

My 2022 Projects and Goals

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Y’all. The bathroom is DONE. I’m so happy with how it all turned out, but I might be just as happy that it’s done. I don’t recommend being pregnant, working long hours, renovating two historic houses, AND renovating a bathroom in your own home. That being said… I’m glad we did it. I’m also very […]

Guest Bathroom Makeover Fall 2021, One Room Challenge, Our House

November 19, 2021

Guest Bathroom Makeover – One Room Challenge Fall 2021 – The Big Reveal!

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Just ONE week until this bathroom is finished! Actually, less than that… but one week until the final reveal! Since we announced our pregnancy last week, I’m sure you can understand that I’m very ready for this bathroom to be done… so we can start on the nursery! But really, I need a break between […]

Guest Bathroom Makeover Fall 2021, One Room Challenge, Our House

November 15, 2021

Guest Bathroom Makeover – One Room Challenge Fall 2021 – Week 7 – Plumbing and Vanity

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