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It seems like everyone and their mother has a stock tank pool these days. During the early pandemic, they took the world by storm as an affordable alternative to an in-ground pool that was more aesthetically pleasing than a big blue vinyl monstrosity above-ground. A quick search on Pinterest will show you endless ways that […]

Back Yard, Our House

August 23, 2023

Stock Tank Pool: Remix

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In 2019, we bought a fixer upper in our dream neighborhood. It had active roof leaks in five rooms, needed a new sewer line the day after we closed, and had a host of other problems, not the least of which was the back yard situation. It was swampy in the summer, muddy in the […]

Back Yard, Our House

August 2, 2023

Deck Tales – Building our Dream Back Yard Deck

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Do you remember what our back yard looked like when we bought our house? Let me remind you… Bamboo for days. So much bamboo, in fact, that we didn’t know it was covering a concrete pad. We’ve owned our home for four years, and have slowly made temporary updates to the back yard to make […]

Back Yard, Our House

March 15, 2023

Back Yard Plans

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