7 Plants to Brighten Up Your House for Spring

Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss Cheese Plant)
This guy takes up a good bit of space when fully grown, so he’s a good addition to a room that needs a large pop of green. Mine does well in my living room, which has soft, indirect sunlight. These are tropical plants, but don’t overwater.

Ficus Ruby (Pink Rubber Plant)
I love a good soft pink, and have since I was a little girl. I love the rosy complexion of the Ficus Ruby, and the character it brings to a space. Ficus Rubies prefer bright, indirect light, but avoid direct light as their leaves can get scorched.

Neon Pothos (Devil’s Ivy)
Pothos plants are widely loved for their easy care and fast growth, and the neon pothos is no exception. Long trailing chartreuse vines brighten a room more than their darker counterparts. Pothos can survive underwatering, overwatering, and lots of different amounts of light, which makes them a versatile plant for decorating. I have moved mine from our mantel, to our side board in the dining room, and it’s currently loving the bright light of our laundry room.

Philodendron Brasil
Though they look similar, these philodendrons are not pothos. They too can tolerate lots of different conditions, and are very versatile, but they have a softer look. Their leaves aren’t as shiny, and I think they’re a little bit more subtle. The variegation in their leaves also lends itself to brightening up a room, while the dark green keeps it grounded.

Sneaking in a peek of Bertha, my monstrous golden pothos

Zz Plant
One of the most hardy and dark-room-surviving plants I own is a Zz plant. I’m going to cheat a little and also include a Raven Zz Plant here, too. While the Raven Zz adds depth and I love its moody vibe, the bright green Zz plant brightens up a dark room easily. They can survive being forgotten about for long periods of time, dark rooms, bathrooms, and also do well in bright indirect light. Flexible and easy–the nearly perfect plant! Be careful though; every part of this plant is toxic, so keep out of reach of children and pets, and be sure to wash your hands after handling.

Calathea Ornata (Pinstripe)
Also bringing a little pink into your life? This beautiful Calathea. Their stripes of pink are so vivid it looks like their leaves have been carefully hand painted. They’re part of the Prayer Plant Family for their unique movements. During the day, they open their leaves wide to accept sunlight, and at night, their leaves stand up nearly straight to show their dark undersides.

Pilea Peperomioides (Chinese Money Plant)
These happy, Dr. Seuss-looking plants are actually asiatic weeds. They have many nicknames due to their coin-shaped leaves–just one per “branch”. Nicknames include “Chinese Money Plant”, “Coin Plant”, “Pepperoni Plant”, “UFO Plant”, and “Pancake Plant”. In addition to being fun to look at and name, these plants produce “babies” that are easily propagated and given to friends. I got my first PP last summer, and over the course of nine months or so, it has produced nine baby plants. I kept two, and have been giving others to friends. It’s the plant that keeps on giving!

Keep in mind that I’m no professional–for advice on what plants will do best in your home, ask your favorite plant shop for help. My favorite is Lawrence and Clark Cacti Co here in Nashville, and they offer contactless curbside pickup or porch delivery services!


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