Friday Favorites

We’ve reached the end of another week, friends. Or have we? In quarantine, every day is Friday, and every day is also Monday. Deep thoughts over here. Well, regardless of what day it is, or what day you thought it was until you saw the title of this post, here are my top 10 favorite things from around the internet and life this week.

Ginny MacDonald / Lulu & Georgia

When Lulu & Georgia released this new furniture collection I knew I would love it. Ginny MacDonald has done an amazing job creating beautiful heirloom quality pieces with inspiration from her English heritage. The linen and velvet textures combined with clean, classic lines… I’m all about it.

These banana muffins.

Since it seems that the entire world has started baking this month, I need to let you in on this recipe. I make a slightly different version, but since this is not a recipe post, I’ll start you off here.

McGee & Co’s new vintage collection.

Studio McGee does it again–while their Target collaboration brings highbrow style to the masses, for more unique (read: one of a kind) pieces, they’ve created a line of beautifully curated vintage pieces. I’m particularly loving this framed vintage rug.

Hank’s love for our backyard.

See photo above… Hank’s adoration and devotion to his backyard and keeping an eye on the alley we share with our neighbors is incredible. It also makes me a little jealous of the simple life of being a dog during these times…

Farrow and Ball’s moody blue: Oval Room Blue.

Yes, a favorite thing of mine is a paint color this week. What can I say? I’ve been spending a lot of time at home looking at the same walls and it is time for a little refresh. Anyone else paint their house repeatedly? There also seems to be a theme here with me and English home styling lately.

Catching up on classic movies.

This one doesn’t have a link… because it’s my real life and I’m way behind the times. I blame this on my childhood–we didn’t watch very many movies, and as a result, I haven’t seen most classic movies, and don’t consider myself a “movie person”. This saddens my poor husband, so I’ve been letting him educate me on the past 50 years or so of cinematic culture that I’ve apparently missed out on. So far, we’ve covered movies like The Matrix, Lord of The Rings (all of them), and most recently, Zombieland.

Pizza Kits from Gino’s East.

I think we may have found our new favorite at-home date night. We ordered pizza kits from Gino’s East (starting at $15) and they arrived via DoorDash, so it was totally contact free. Use this link for $15 off your first order (aka–free pizza). One pizza kit would easily feed two adults, or, in our case, two pizza kits would provide two adults with leftovers for lunch the next day. Bonus: the thin crust is dairy free if you don’t use cheese.

Finding out another weird thing about the Green Hills House.

During this week’s episode of “weird renovation stories”, we found out that somehow the hot water was hooked up to both downstairs toilets at the Green Hills House we’ve been renovating. We have only moved one of them, so I imagine the hot water was another weird fluke done by the last owner (for more on that, read this). I called our plumbers to let them know about this steamy issue, and they laughed out loud. I guess even if you work with toilets every day, toilet humor is still funny.

The weird renovation stories you sent me on Instagram.

After finding out about the boiling toilets, (not boiling, really, just sounds more fun than “hot”) I shared the story on Instagram, and asked for others’ funny renovation finds. One of my favorites: a contractor accidentally botched some kitchen wiring so that in order to turn on the kitchen lights, you had to turn on the oven.

Young House Love Has a Podcast.

If you love Young House Love, or even if you’ve never heard of their blog but love design, DIY, renovation stories, and life stories, you’ll love Young House Love Has a Podcast. I look forward to listening on a run when they come out on Mondays.

That’s all, folks! Have a great weekend, and stay safe out there.


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