Hey there! My name is Grace McCaw Wagenman. If you’ve clicked your way on over to this page, you’re probably wondering who I am.

I began this blog as a way to connect to a greater community. I am a full-time Realtor in Nashville, Tennessee, and I love what I do. I became a Realtor in 2016 after deciding to make a move away from my first business, a custom cookie bakery that catered to weddings, special events, and provided baked goods for local Nashville coffee shops and restaurants. It’s a real change of pace in a lot of ways, but my career in real estate still allows me to do what I loved about the cookie company: connect with people.

I’ve always loved houses and decorating, and as a child was only allowed to rearrange my room once a year after my very patient dad got tired of moving my twin sized bed back and forth across my room whenever the mood struck me. Today, I have full reign of my house and my very patient husband helps me move furniture as much as my heart desires (we’re still newlyweds, so I don’t think he’s figured out just how much that’s going to happen over the course of our marriage… shhhh..)

The thing I’m most passionate about, over houses, real estate investments (huge numbers nerd right here), decorating, cooking, and baking, is creating a lifestyle that I love to live. I’m not here for the #hustle, although you’ll learn that I work my ass off every single day because I really love working. I’m here for the everyday, small joys of life that make life really joyful. I’m here for traditions, inside jokes, friends connecting vulnerably, loving hard, and experiences and places that create space for peace, mindfulness, and most of all, joy.

I hope you enjoy tagging along!