Modern Nashville Cottage Renovation – Secondary Bedrooms Tour

It seems crazy that this is the fifth and final room tour for this darling cottage we renovated in Green Hills this summer. If you’ve missed out on the other posts for this house, here they are!

We needed six bedrooms in this house since the original idea was to use it as a sober living house, so every room that could realistically be a bedroom needed to be one. There are six bedrooms and three bathrooms, but I focused on four bedrooms and two bathrooms for staging/photo purposes. Let’s start in my favorite sunny bedroom, which was actually a very strange sauna room (see before photos) when we got our hands on it.

We continued the 2″ oak floors that matched the original hardwoods, and sanded and finished them in Early American by Duraseal. I wanted to play up the wood paneling in this room and the funky windows, so I stuck with clean, warm wood tones and a Pendleton quilt set to keep the bright, cheerful vibe going. This dresser is from one of my very favorite vintage shops in Nashville: Dashwood Vintage.

This room is just off the living room. In order to make it into a bedroom, we had to close off the door to the hallway and turn the hall closet into the bedroom closet. Just a little door and wall change, and voila, new bedroom! The next two bedrooms are both upstairs, and were a little bit of a challenge because the ceilings were only seven feet tall. Luckily, there was plenty of natural light and lots of windows.

I got this lamp off of Facebook marketplace for $10. I love the 70s rusty stripes, funky suede lampshade, and mid century “bowling pin” shape–perfect to bring a little warmth and whimsy to this room.

Once we had decided on selling this house rather than Jonny’s company keeping it as a sober living house, I had so much fun staging with the idea of these being kids’ rooms instead of grown men… it’s just WAY more fun to style when you’re thinking of a little loving that room.

I fell in love with this playful tiger print from Urban Outfitters, and had fun mixing stripes in the rug and quilt with a dark green velvet headboard. The poufs are from Article, and were sturdy and lightweight–I highly recommend them for an ACTUAL kid’s room.

I hope you’ve enjoyed coming along on this renovation journey with me–THANK YOU for reading and following! I hope you’ll stick around for more renovations, design, DIY, and life in general.


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