Holiday Home Tour 2019

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, especially in the Wagenman house! The stockings are hung, the tree is trimmed, and the halls are decked. So, must be time for a Christmastime home tour, right?

Let’s start with the good stuff. The tree and living room. All month I’ve been coming in here to sit and soak in the Christmas tree twinkling in the evenings. There’s just something so magical about the sparkling lights.

Let me tell you about these stockings. These stockings are extra special. When I was little, my mom quilted stockings for our family, and she could tell them apart even though they all used the same fabrics, because she made each one slightly different. When Jonny and I got married last year, I asked her to help me make some for our little family. Meaning I picked the fabric, cut it, and probably only sewed two seams on each stocking… Grateful for you, mom! Anyway, now they’re our stockings that can come out year after year and carry memories through all the Christmases we share as a family. Even Hank has a stocking!

You may notice how much I love garland… thanks to Costco and Trader Joe’s for the loads of garland and for making our house smell like a cedar forest.

Our advent wreath is a very important part about Christmas for us. Each Sunday during Advent we light a candle, and we light the center, or Christ candle, on Christmas day. Except this year, since we’ve been gone every Sunday and are traveling for Christmas… last Christmas I would have made sure we lit each candle and completed every tradition… but this year I set my intention at the beginning of the month to do less. To let things go, and just enjoy the season. Last year I put so much pressure on myself to make everything perfect that I was ridden with anxiety. So this year, I decided to do less forcing the traditions and more enjoying the lights and the hope and magic of the season.

Even our bison skull is in the spirit!

You may notice the spanbaume, or wood curl trees, on top of the books on the piano and on the corner of our mantle in the living room. These are special to me because our family is German on all sides, and when Jonny and I went to Munich and Kitzbuhel in November, I fell in love with these folk art Christmas trees. I was kicking myself for not buying them while we were there, but I found these four vintage ones from the 70s on Ebay, and I love them.

Another couple favorite parts about our piano decor details are the tiny ceramic nativity I’ve had since I was seven, the vintage brass horse Jonny and I found at a thrift store in Bristol, TN, and the silver tray from my Mawmaw’s house.

Our kitchen was already the perfect color for Christmas, how convenient!

The laundry room, aka the greenhouse, also got some Christmas cheer, of the plant variety. My Christmas cactus decided to bloom just in time for photos!

Just one more stocking–gotta have a little denim in Nashville, right?

The music room got its first ever full decor, meaning I moved things from the living room into the music room, and who knows what will happen in here in January. It may go back to being the poor middle child of our living space.

And now let’s head upstairs to our room–this will be the first time I’ve shown our bedroom on the blog since our “before” photos.

All of the stars up here are from our trip to Germany–the garlands, the ornaments on the windows, and the big starbursts hanging from the ceiling. Germans really know how to do Christmas, you know?

I love this little corner of our room. We use it as a meditation corner (hence the meditation pillow) and we keep our religious, spiritual, and recovery literature here. Oh, and twinkle lights.

Possibly my favorite part about our house right now besides the tree… I love our bright and simple white bedding, and finally getting this room put together feels so good. There’s a good chance this room will be my next project room in the new year–we’ll see!

This concludes our Holiday Home Tour 2019. Thanks for tuning in, and to all a good night!

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