Mudroom Makeover: ORC Week 4

Hey there!

This week’s post may be slightly boring, because not a whole lot has changed visually… but a lot has been done. This post is also going to be somewhat brief, because I’ve been down for the count the past couple days and am catching up on life outside my mudroom and the internet.

Here’s what got done that you can see:

  • I tested paint swatches for the wall next to the board and batten, and I think we’ve got our color!
  • Jonny cut down the butcher block to fit the cabinet and it looks great.
  • Jonny built the shaker doors–one more sanding and some paint and they’ll be ready!
  • I bought grout renew (I know, thrilling) recommended by Young House Love on their blog, and I’m excited to see if it helps refresh the grout in the mudroom.

All big things… but this weekend is when it will really start coming together with paint and then the best part–finishing up styling.

Y’all have a great weekend!

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